Avoid Foreclosure

Are you behind on your payments?

Is the bank trying to take your home from underneath your feet?

Here in the state of Utah the bank can file what’s called a notice of default as soon as 3 payments have been missed on the loan. It’s a public notice that is filed in the county recorder’s office. It states that Mr. and Mrs. homeowner are late paying their mortgage and the lender is trying to collect the money. And as soon as the lender files that notice they can start the foreclosure process and repossess your home.

The bank does not want to take back the home. They are in the business of money, not real estate. If you are struggling to make your payments there are other options the bank may look at that can help you save your home or get out of it.

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Foreclosure Help

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Bills piling up? The bank threatening to take your home from you and your family? You have options you may not know about. In this service I go over 8 ways to save your home from foreclosure and salvage your credit.

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