There is nothing more thrilling and exhilarating than getting a new home. Whether its your first home, your dream home or a home to spend your vacations nothing is quite as exciting as finding the perfect place!

I like to compare it to Harry Potter.

If you’re not a fan of the series by J.K. Rowling please allow me a minute to geek out. Harry walks into a wand shop, goes through piles and piles of wands all which either backfire, explode or create havoc through the store. Until he finds HIS wand. When he holds his wand the room lights up and there’s an unmistakable reassurance and excitement in the air.

This is exactly how finding the right home feels! You search and search, sometimes thinking you are going to be looking forever, putting offers on homes that fall through and that you are never going to get into a home. But then you come across it and your world is never the same!

I am here to help you through the process and direct you in your home buying journey.

To cry with you when the “perfect one” got away. To stay up late nights searching for homes for you. And to rejoice when we finally get through all the wrong houses and find your perfect home! The world of real estate can be as vast as the world of Harry Potter. There isn’t just one way to buy or sell a home. There will be many questions and obstacles that come up when you’re looking for the perfect home and even after your home is under contract. I can answer a few of them here on this site.

Please look around and read about the different ways I can be your guide and call me when you’re ready to start your real estate journey.

Creative Financing

Can’t get regular financing? Lets get creative and find the type of financing that works for you!

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Dream Homes

Put all your Pinterest boards together and find the perfect and most dreamy place for you!

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