Staging Tips For Winter Season

Selling your home this winter? Here are some tips on how to brighten up your home and make it attractive for potential buyers.

Light It Up
Turn on the lights to brighten up dark corners. During the day, let in as much natural light as possible. You might have to clean the windows to get rid of accumulated grime that might block natural light. Also illuminate the exteriors with twinkling lights.

Comfortable And Cozy Look
Your house should look inviting and cozy. Prospective buyers should be able to envision themselves in it. A warm throw on the sofa, a beautiful thick comforter on bed, pillows, rugs and art work with warm colors will add to the warmth of house. Turn on fireplace if any and set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature.

Prep The Exteriors
An important aspect of staging homes during winters is to keep the walkways and driveways salted, scarped and snow free. Your house should look well kempt. Work on the landscaping to make your house stand out & look bright and cheerful even in the dead of winter.

Visually Pleasing
To make first impression of the house unforgettable, work on making your house visually appealing to the client. You could do this by hanging plush robes in your bathroom, placing wash clothes attractively in a basket, placing vases with winter flowers on the Kitchen Island or dining table, displaying happy photographs, and so on. The possibilities are endless. Just get a little creative, do some research and create magic.

This is something you cannot miss on. Your house should sparkle. The tubs, sinks, taps, windows, floors, refrigerator, appliances, ceiling fans, carpets and furniture must be spotless.

Offer Warm Winter Foods
Serve hot soups, stews, or a piping hot cup of coffee to keep the buyers in the house a little longer. The longer they stay, better they will bond with the new environment.

Special Info Cards
Make most of the little time you’ve got to cast best impression of your home. Stick a note on an antique piece that might be on display so that it does not go unnoticed. You can also stick little notes of caution on areas like steep stairs so as to avoid any untoward experiences during the very first visit.

Eliminate Strong Odors
In winter, there are higher chances of strong unwanted odors to linger around as doors and windows remain closed. Ventilate the house by turning on exhaust fans. Try to locate the source of odor and get rid of it. Ask a friend or close one to conduct a sniff test to ensure your home smells fresh.

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