Top Frequently Asked Questions By Home Sellers

Before listing a home for sale, sellers should educate themselves by asking a realtor questions that will prepare them for the process and help them understand it better. These questions could be related to issues such as the value of the home, contracts, purchase offers etc.

Following is a list of questions that most home sellers ask –

• What Is The Present Scenario Of The Real Estate Market?
Home sellers are usually keen to know what the present day real estate market trends are. Realtors respond to such queries by letting a seller know what an average day in the market is like and the rate at which other houses are sold. He provides details such as market absorption rates, closed transactions if any, the average sale prices and so on.

• What Is The Right Time To Sell My Home?
Well, this differs from place to place and season to season. It is a very valuable question and a realtor will be able to guide you the best. He will judge factors like competition in the market, current demand for homes by buyers and so on.

• Do I Need To Prepare My Home For Sale? If Yes, What Do I Need To Do?
Of course yes! You need to prepare your home for sale. Preparing a home for sale before listing it will increase its value by a large margin. You have to work towards making the first impression of your home a lasting and positive one. You might need to educate yourself on how to stage your house in order to make it stand out. You might as well take some valuable tips from your realtor.

• Should I Be 100 Percent Transparent With Potential Buyers?
Yes, you should be 100 percent transparent. Potential buyers will not like to get unpleasant surprises later so it is a good idea to be very honest about the condition of your house. You should disclose defects if any and your intention to get them repaired as soon as possible.

• What Is The Worth Of My Home?
Always consult a realtor to get an idea of your homes worth. Your homes worth should be determined based on the market value and not the assessed value. The assessed value of a house is only for taxation purposes and has no bearing on the market value of your home. Realtors conduct a comparative market analysis of homes sold in the recent past to assess its worth. This analysis is usually based on sales in the last 6-12 months.

• What About Your Commission?
A realtor who charges less commission is not necessarily the best. Ensure your realtor has the ability to get you the best deal. Base your judgment on their reputation and work.

• How Will You Market My Home?
A good realtor should be one with a quality website, a real estate blog and social media presence. Gone are the days of placing sign boards in front of properties. This is the online age. So in addition to using old marketing means such as newspapers, ensure your realtor gets you maximum exposure online.

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