Ways To Make Small Spaces Look Big

Small is beautiful. Many people prefer small living spaces as they are easier to maintain. However, one must plan things and stage up the home before selling to make a small space look spacious and less cramped up for the potential tenant. Did you know that you can stretch out any small space to look and feel larger just by incorporating some color, changing the furniture setting, experimenting with lighting and more?

Here are some pro-approved home staging tips that will help you create the illusion of more space in a small room.

1. Ditch the clutter
Getting rid of clutter instantly opens up space. Clutter is notorious for making a space look smaller and cramped. Invest in smart storage solutions and furniture that make the house look more organized and welcoming.

2. Color
If your space is small then cool and delicate warm colors are your best bet. They instantly make a space feel spacious and airy. Soft greens and blues are ideal. Stay away from deep warm color tones unless you want to make a space look cozy and intimate. Always choose colors from the same color family.

3. Light
Well lit rooms look bigger and brighter. This could be done with either natural or artificial light. Avoid heavy draperies. Use lamps, track lighting or recessed lighting to light up spaces.

4. See-Through Spaces
Using see through materials makes a small space look bigger. This is a great tip for small bathrooms. Use clear glass shower enclosures instead of opaque ones.

5. Mirror Magic
Mirrors reflect light and give an open feeling to a room. You will have to be a little creative with mirrors to make them look stylish while solving your purpose. Hang a large framed mirror on a wall. If you’ve got a chest of drawers in a corner, get it covered with custom cut mirrors to expand the space. Beveled plate mirrors are great for coffee and side tables. The list of things you can do with mirrors to open up a space is endless.

6. Plain Upholstery And Big Accessories
Avoid bold plaids, prints and stripes and opt for plain upholstery to make a room look spacious and bigger. Instead of small accessories for decoration, go for a few simple and large ones to make your room appear less cluttered and spacious. The rule here is, bigger is better.

7. Illusion Of Height 
Create an illusion of height by coloring the ceiling dark. This trick creates depth and draws the eye upward. Installing shelves high up near the ceiling also opens up the space upward. For example, a neat bookshelf up will add to your room’s beauty in addition to creating an illusion of height.

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